The Best Companies in Finance and Insurance

March 27, 2018, 11:00 AM UTC

Finance and insurance tend to be fields with long hours and little work/life balance, but not all companies fit the mold. Below, the companies that keep their employees happy with perks, benefits, caring managers, that ever-sought-after unplugged time, and much more.

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1. Edward Jones

Courtesy of Edward Jones

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 42,950

Employees say:

“I realized how great a company Edward Jones was from the onboarding process. Every person I made contact with was knowledgeable and kind, and answered any questions I had. Now that I work here, I get that same treatment from every employee.”

“Our unique partnership structure promotes widespread sharing of the duties and responsibilities of our business. Specifically, recruiting, training, mentoring of advisors and support staff are staples of our culture within the firm. Successes are shared and celebrated. Struggles and errors are quickly addressed and steps for action are implemented in an environment of support and caring to promote long-term successful careers. There is no better place to build a career in the financial services industry than at Edward Jones.

2. Veterans United Home Loans

Headquarters: Columbia, Missouri

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 2,419

Employees say:

“This is a great place to work because people are genuine. We truly work together to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. I love that we are so passionate about our mission to serve people well and to help veterans into homes.”

“The thing that makes Veterans United special is the people and the relationships between them. This is a very high-trust work environment where people are allowed to fail and management is always looking to get the right people into the right roles. This creates an workplace where employees are empowered and fulfilled in their role, which leads to better teamwork, collaboration and ownership.”

3. Pinnacle Financial Partners

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 2,278

Employees say:

“I’ve never worked for a company that put such a strong emphasis on caring for our clients and each other. We all work together as one team to reach our annual goals. I have also never worked at a company that had leaders that were so accessible. “

“The unique and special thing about working here is that we are empowered as associates to provide outstanding experiences for our associates and our clients.”

4. PrimeLending

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 2,981

Employees say:

“This company truly aspires to put people first, and makes significant investments in technology, corporate culture, and communication. This translates into employees who truly put the customer first.”

“At PrimeLending we are allowed opportunity to explore new and efficient ways of doing things. Recently, a team was put together to explore new technology to our branch and help develop an implementation plan to roll out the software. This opportunity allowed collaboration and implemented the ideas of many different people and allowed us to come closer together as a team.”

5. Capital One Financial Corporation

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 41,280

Employees say:

“The founder and CEO is still in charge and makes the right changes to stay ahead of the competition.”

“I strongly believe that Capital One’s senior leadership views associates as one of their most important assets, and treats them accordingly. It shows in the work environment that is provided (openness/transparency, flexibility, fairness), the compensation and benefits offered, the opportunity to engage in meaningful and impactful work, the work facilities/amenities, and forums to hear directly from our senior leaders on a regular basis.”

6. Progressive Insurance

Courtesy of Progressive

Headquarters: Mayfield Village, Ohio

Industry: Auto Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 33,116

Employees say:

“It is very diverse and they truly offer a corporate culture that celebrates what every individual can bring to the table. The name Progressive is perfect for this company because they really do welcome change and adaptability and celebrate diversity.”

“I think what makes this company unique is that I am free to be myself. If I want to stay in my current position for the next five years, there is no pressure to seek advancement for the sake of advancement. I appreciate that. On the other hand, management does encourage individual advancement and makes sure employees know how to do it.”

7. Credit Acceptance

Headquarters: Southfield, Michigan

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 1,800

Employees say:

“Organizational goals are very clear, and everyone understands how their job impacts those goals. Leadership has created a ‘listening culture’ by providing team members with several avenues to make suggestions, ask questions and raise concerns.”

“When I came onboard with the company I was astonished to see the amount of attention given to hiring process. The company gives a great amount of attention to hiring the right people and making them feel like they have made the right decision. I was flown to Detroit for a final interview where I was taken care of like a 5-star client. My recruiter remains in touch with me so I know this company is serious about building and maintaining relationships amongst its employees.”

8. Navy Federal Credit Union

Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 14,462

Employees say:

“Employees are empowered to make decisions that benefits our members. It feels more like being part of a family rather than the usual employer-employee relationship. Our opinions matter, and we are encouraged to share them with management.”

“We take immense pride in our work, serving the military and their families. Our management empowers us and considers us as individuals, often showing they’re willing to support us in difficult time or with continuous career development. I love coming to work here and want to continue working for Navy Federal until I retire.”


Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Industry: Re-insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 32,094

Employees say:

“The leadership team consistently delivers messages of thanks to its employees and recognizes the value of its employees. There are multiple examples of financial rewards to the employees in recognition of the work they do.”

“In this company you are given so many opportunities that other companies will not give. For example, USAA will pay for your education regardless of your degree you choose. They are willing to work with you on your schedule to better assist you personally.”

10. Quicken Loans

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 15,122

Employees say:

“Empowerment is a word that gets thrown around a lot here, but it couldn’t be more true. I feel empowered to make decisions regarding my processes and position. It elevates the level of work and allows people to make changes to things they see.”

“I am a mature employee, I was overjoyed when I was selected for an interview and ecstatic to be hired. Only six months into my employment I had to assist my family in caring for our elderly mom. My manager, within company guidelines, worked with me extensively to allow me to fulfill my obligation. I cannot express how grateful I was for the support and understanding, I believe this is a direct reflection of the company’s creator.”

11. Cornerstone Home Lending

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 17,12

Employees say:

“They truly care about their employees and make sure they show how much they appreciate us. They make it a very fun environment to work in. They make sure that everyone knows you have to work hard in order to succeed but they also make it inviting.”

“Cornerstone is unique in that they take a personal interest in their employees from the top to the bottom. All departments work cooperatively for the common goal of the customers’ best interest. On more than one occasion I have had conference calls with our operations managers, underwriters and our regional president in order to work toward a resolution for a customer. The involvement and cooperation of the upper management is unmatched in the mortgage industry.”

12. Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Headquarters: Golden Valley, Minnesota

Industry: Life Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 1,868

Employees say:

“This company is unlike any other I have ever worked for. They live by their values and try to incorporate them in every aspect of our business. I am astounded by the company’s and employees’ willingness to give and volunteer.”

“There is a great deal of emphasis placed on recognizing, developing and engaging with employees. Current and former employees often comment how these factors have translated into a unique and positive culture for employees. The company offers strong financial benefits, but it is the less tangible benefits that lead to a great experience such as: employee recognition activities, dodge ball tournaments, employee and family 5k race, health and diet counseling, onsite child care facility, onsite fitness center with free fitness classes, etc.

13. Baird

Courtesy of Baird

Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Industry: Investments, Accounting, Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 3,224

Employees say:

“You have access to top management–they even reply to their emails personally. If you have a suggestion on how something might be done better or a process improved, leaders are willing to listen and consider and possibly incorporate it.”

“Baird is unique in the sense that they truly care about their employees and invest time in energy in both the recruiting process and the associates once they have joined the organization. Baird has encouraging me to continue to grow and learn and has been flexible in terms of my personal situations.”

14. American Express

Headquarters: New York, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 20,431

Employees say:

“I’m treated as a CEO of my job responsibilities. Management and executive leaders provide verbal encouragement and appreciation of my abilities and give me a great deal satisfaction in my role and with wanting to stay with Amex for a long time.”

“I’ve never been part of a company that invests so much in its people. It feels as if leadership truly cares about making sure everyone can grow and become their best selves—whether they stay within Amex or not.”

15. Nationwide

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Industry: General Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 34,041

Employees say:

“I have great confidence in Nationwide’s ability to anticipate and prepare for the future. Nationwide is always one or two steps ahead, planning strategy, product changes, training, and other processes to meet the upcoming environment needs.”

“Nationwide recognizes associates as thought leaders who, through their coaching and ability to demonstrate positive energy, have given me a tremendous insight in what constitutes an effective software team. Rather then criticize and dictate tasks, they help empower individuals on the team to take ownership and approach tasks through a systematic and highly engaged process.

16. First American Financial

Headquarters: Santa Ana, California

Industry: Home Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 12,373

Employees say:

“I like that they provide different opportunities for their employees to experience different positions in the company so that they find the best fit for them. It is really nice to see a company get so involved in the growth of their employees.”

“Management actually listens to and cares about employees. When I started, I had an idea to increase productivity and decrease costs. I was allowed to do a trial and eventually my department all adopted my method. Management encourages employee involvement by energizing us and empowering us to take action.”

17. American Fidelity Assurance

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Industry: Life Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 1,826

Employees say:

“I’ve never seen a company place more emphasis on work/life balance. AF truly cares and encourages us to take the time we need to take care of our personal lives. The company truly cares about all of us and goes out of their way to show it.”

“When I became a mom a few years ago, it was just my husband and I who lived in Oklahoma, as we are from the South. My boss brought us food at the hospital, visited us when we got home from the hospital; she was there for me, my husband, and newborn. She was very understanding of the stressors that come along with a new baby and encouraged that I slowly transition back into work.”

18. TD Bank, N.A.

Headquarters: Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Portland, Maine

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 27,701

Employees say:

“From the start, I always felt TD Bank was being managed for the long-term versus a quarter to quarter mentality. We have a core set of principals and goals and we stay true to them every year. I believe this is one of the key drivers of our success.”

“TD Bank is a great place to work in that it is incredibly welcoming to diverse employees from all races and sexualities. I have never seen a workplace that was more welcoming, accommodating, or celebratory of its employees from different backgrounds. It is a real strength of the company and goes a long way to reflect on the benefit the company does to its team members and the genuine care, and respect, it shows for their wellbeing.”

19. Synchrony Financial

Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 9,488

Employees say:

“My team strives to live the values and purpose of the company in every aspect of our business. Our leader exemplifies the best of the company and makes an effort to not only model the purpose and values, but to make sure we understand the why.”

“It all starts with Margaret [Keane, CEO]. She has created an environment and culture where respect for each other and treating each other as human beings who need to grow, make mistakes, and learn from the experience is a part of our foundation. Her focus on diversity, open dialogue, and telling it like it is is refreshing for a CEO, and her imprint on the company is a positive one. Margaret is a visionary in wanting to create a culture of respect and learning, and I think this is what makes our company a great place to work.”

20. Mountain America Credit Union

Courtesy of Mountain Credit Union

Headquarters: West Jordan, Utah

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 1,930

Employees say:

“This is a great place to work because management is invested in their employees and strive to help everyone grow and progress. They also help you use your strengths to be successful in your position and also help you overcome your weaknesses as well.”

“Making the move to Mountain America has been a huge win for me, both professionally and personally. I love working at a place where I can see the company’s core values—mutual trust and respect, honesty and integrity, stewardship, quality service, and continuous improvement—in action. When I started here, I was amazed at how genuinely nice everyone is to each other.”

21. Goldman Sachs

Headquarters: New York, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 15,236

Employees say:

“Bright, motivated employees who genuinely care about the business, other employees, and providing the best service possible to our clients. People at all levels of the organization are rolling up their sleeves, from Analyst to Managing Director.”

“Goldman is a flat organization. For example, the partner who runs my global team invests a great amount of time in his people; his door is open to everyone regardless of seniority. It is clear to everyone on the team that he cares about his employees as individuals and is personally invested in both their career opportunities and general happiness.”

22. Bank of America

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 175,368

Employees say:

“The knowledge of my colleagues is among the best, we push each other and collaborate together to constantly improve and simplify. The enterprise provides good tools, methods, technologies, and policies to do our work, and constantly improves them.”

“Our company has a saying ‘Bring your whole self to work.’ This not only embodies our commitment to diversity and inclusion but also our commitment to recognizing that work is not the center of our lives. We can enjoy our work, even be passionate about it, but the roles we play outside of the office are the ones that will be engraved upon our tombstones. We are encouraged to be active in our communities, physically fit and healthy, share our experiences and knowledge from our careers before Bank of America, and basically take the sum of who we are and apply it to fulfilling our company’s values of delivering together, acting responsibly, realizing the power of our people and trusting the team as we help make financial lives better through the power of every connection.”

23. Aflac

Headquarters: Columbus, Georgia

Industry: Health Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 5,401

Employees say:

“Employee engagement and diversity efforts at Aflac are unlike any I have seen at other companies. Aflac goes out of their way to ensure that employees from all walks of life are made to feel welcome and are an important part of the Aflac family.”

“Our company routinely rewards employees who exhibit excellent customer service. In addition to events like Employee Appreciation Week (EAW), employees are given the chance to participate in fun and interactive activities such as on-office Olympics, Minute-To-Win-It games, team competitions, and other activities.”

24. Blackstone

Headquarters: New York, New York

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 1,644

Employees say:

“This is a successful firm that always makes strides to become even more successful. We ensure our clients receive the best care and attention possible. Excellence is expected and we all push each other to be better and support each other always.”

“Blackstone has professionals with tremendous intellectual capital as well as high integrity and professionalism. Members of this firm work hard and strive to do the best for clients and each other. When I speak to other business units, they are very open about sharing best practices on business, operational and legal matters.”

25. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Headquarters: West Bend, Wisconsin

Industry: General Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 1,250

Employees say:

“The company is supportive of community projects like Habitat for Humanity, holds blood drives right here on campus, donates to many charities, and encourages staff to give back to the community and charities.”

“West Bend has a fairly flat structure, and our executives and department heads can get to know everyone personally. Management is very open to listening to employees. Not only that, we have great perks—fitness center, cafeteria, health clinic, on site store, walking trails, and a beautiful facility filled with high quality art.”


1. Evergreen Home Loans

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 745

Employees say:

“Management is extremely transparent with all employees. There is constant communication with all employees about what we are working on, our future plans and goals and the steps we are taking to reach the goals.”

“The owner of the company meets with every employee to hear what is going well and what needs improvement. Changes are made because of these conversations. A summary of topics that come up are sent to all employees. Things that weren’t as great have been improved because other employees voiced their opinion.”

2. Homeowners Financial Group USA

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 385

Employees say:

“Our Executive team are very knowledgeable and I have a great deal of respect for them as when there are issues that arise they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and help as needed.”

“Everyone is always available and friendly. From the CEO and other C-level staff down, there is always a willingness to say hi and make sure things are going well. From your first day to every day after, it seems all employees care about who you are, what you do, and if they can assist in making things easier or better for you. This has developed a strong culture that actually feels like family.”

3. Walker & Dunlop

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 602

Employees say:

“My coworkers are always willing to jump in and help as needed. I can count on the quality of their work because the company only hires and retains the top-tier quality workers. I’m always impressed by the quality and skills of my coworkers.”

“Management is very approachable and they are willing to go out of their way to help employees. Great benefits and rewards, especially the Wellness program. The company offers wellness reimbursements up to $150 per month for working out and staying fit.”

4. ESL Federal Credit Union

Headquarters: Rochester, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 738

Employees say:

“Management goes above and beyond for employees. We had a rough week in my department recently and were fed lunch/breakfast every single day during that week. Management always goes out of its way to recognize each person on an individual basis.”

“ESL is a unique place to work because the Board and senior management truly care about the employee experience. Time and resources are allocated to plan and deliver spectacular special events such as the Annual Celebration, Spring & Fall Forums, numerous wellness events, a family Santa’s Visit party, and more. ESL shares profits with employees and has an exceptional total rewards package that puts us above benchmark in almost every category. People care about each other and I believe each person and department truly aspires to continuously improve.”

5. Funeral Directors Life

Courtesy of Funeral Directors Life

Headquarters: Abilene, Texas

Industry: Life Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 168

Employees say:

“Our company wants to better each individual who works here, as an employee but also as an individual. We are encouraged to better our personal lives, which is very different from the ‘leave the baggage at the door’ mindset all other companies have.”

“The atmosphere is hard to describe, unless you have experienced it. When I first started working here, nearly every person made it their mission to get to know me and for me to get to know them. I thought some of the amiability would fall off as time went by, but that is not the case. This company has a great culture built into their DNA and I hope that never changes.”

6. First American Equipment Finance

Headquarters: Fairport, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 211

Employees say:

“The ability to generate an idea, present a business plan to management, and execute on your own idea is rare and very satisfying. It is a pleasure to be part of an organization that facilitates this type of empowerment.”

“This company gives you the guidance, development and technology to succeed. They are an established organization with a clear vision for the future that they can successfully articulate to their employees. This not only motivates me as an employee, but makes me feel as if I am a large contributor to the company’s success and long term goals.”

7. Total Merchant Services

Headquarters: Woodland Hills, California

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 261

Employees say:

“The CEO takes the time to inform all employees about the organization’s financial standing and plans for the future. I feel that we are informed of major business plans and that every employee matters.”

“Periodically we will have fun Fridays with specific themes. Outside of work events where employees can hang out and know each other better. Appreciation weeks for certain departments where whole company is involved with activities food, and fun events. Birthday cakes and recognition every month.”

8. Castle & Cooke Mortgage

Headquarters: Draper, Utah

Number of U.S. employees: 417

Employees say:

“CCM is big on promoting initiatives that will improve our communities. Last month, we assembled arts and crafts packets for a local children’s hospital. We also recently sponsored teams for the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s annual 140 and 5k.”

“Having worked for Castle & Cooke Mortgage for more than three years, I’ve been given opportunities to grow. I’m able to do my job to the best of my ability without having a watchful eye over my shoulder. I have the full support of my superiors to try new things and I feel like my opinions are valued. As Castle & Cooke grows we are getting better and better and I’m so happy to be working for a company who cares about me as an employee.”

9. National MI

Headquarters: Emeryville, California

Industry: General Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 284

Employees say:

“The ability to get things done without a lot of red tape continues to amaze me. We can make quick decisions and execute nimbly. This contributes to not only to National MI being a great place to work, but also as a great company for our customers.”

“I love working from National MI because the management team and the executive team genuinely care for me. I went through a difficult time with [two family members] passing within a month of each other and having been with National MI for a little over two months, I didn’t know what to expect. I was touched the way they handled my situation and showed genuine interest in making sure I was okay. National MI continuously look at way to assist and appreciate employees. National MI doesn’t do the bare minimum it needs to be recognized, they go beyond and it shows. I am proud to say I work for such a WONDERFUL company.”

10. Balyasny Asset Management

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 433

Employees say:

“BAM does its best to make sure people feel they can openly collaborate with others across organizations. They do a good job of involving their employees and pushing activities that are great team/culture building opportunities.”

“I believe the performance, culture and programs offered at BAM make it a great place to work and unlike any of our peers/competitors. We care about developing our teams and had over 250 training options available to us in the past year alone. We have amazing benefits for ourselves and our families. We have a women’s group that recognizes me as a leader. We have so many opportunities for high performers.”

11. Bankers Healthcare Group

Courtesy of Bankers Healthcare Group

Headquarters: Davie, Florida

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 302

Employees say:

“There is a very entrepreneurial spirit here which allows for innovation that you don’t see at a lot of companies. I was empowered to create a Knowledge Transfer program to help the employees work with other departments and learn their day to day.”

“The office is equipped with everything we need to do our jobs. Management always goes the extra mile to make sure employees are taken care of. Coworkers are always there to help and we praise each other for the hard work we see each other put in daily.”

12. PURE Insurance

Headquarters: White Plains, New York

Industry: General Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 510

Employees say:

“It is very entrepreneurial so you are given the opportunity to work on many new projects that help to drive business growth and results. Management clearly identifies our goals, provides updates, and does a good job of inspiring the employees.”

“The Company as a whole is very transparent. Employees at all levels get equal opportunities to develop their skills and tools are provided in the form of service forums, external speakers and different trainings to inculcate the values of the company.”

13. SECURA Insurance

Headquarters: Appleton, Wisconsin

Industry: General Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 717

Employees say:

“We have a positive, friendly, and relationship-driven culture. Support and encouragement derive from the top down and are infused through teamwork, company-wide activities and events, and associate perks.”

“The emphasis placed on work/life balance truly creates a wonderful tone in the workplace. Because associates are encouraged to balance the two, I feel as though associates are happier and are excited to come to work everyday. The focus on wellness is a great benefit as well. Placing time and resources on the wellness of their human capital makes SECURA a great place to work!”

14. Reliance Partners

Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Industry: General Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 57

Employees say:

“They treat their people excellently, they genuinely care about each one of their employees, there are always wiling to help me and answer all and any questions I have. They teach me new things everyday so I can expand my knowledge.”

“I come to work every day with a smile on my face and ready to face the day. I have a great group of people that I work with who are very professional, energetic and do the best that they can to promote the company financially, ethically and professionally.”

15. Assurance

Headquarters: Schaumburg, Illinois

Industry: General Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 462

Employees say:

“We have an amazing culture here that all of our employees engage in, and it bleeds through to our clients as well. We truly believe in what we are doing, and our customers can see that and appreciate it.”

“It is truly the DNA and the culture of our company that makes us a great place to work. People are treated fairly with plenty of opportunity to grow and increase their income. With our ownership structure to our profit-sharing, everyone is part of one goal; regardless if you just started out of college or you are an executive.”

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