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Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination May Have Been Faked—Twice

March 1, 2018, 11:05 AM UTC

President Trump may not be able to add Nobel Peace Prize nominee to his list of achievements.

According to the BBC, Trump’s nomination is potentially fraudulent and is currently being investigated by Norwegian police.

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Nobel Institute Director Olav Njølstad said that the committee has “good reason to believe that [the nomination of Trump] is a fake.” He went even further to suggest that “the same ‘fake’ nomination probably took place last year too,” meaning that a fraudulent Peace Prize nomination for Trump has happened twice. Trump was reportedly nominated by an anonymous American for his “ideology of peace by force.”

Should the allegation be found to be true, it would be no small deal. The nomination process is very strict and proposers are limited to certain individuals, such as members of government, former winners of the prize, and some university professors.

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In total, 329 candidates, 217 individuals, and 112 organizations, have been nominated for this year’s prize. The identities of the nominees are not made public, but depending on the results of the investigation, Trump’s name may be removed from that list.

The committee has not revealed any details about who they suspect is responsible for the fake nomination.