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Why Apple’s iPhone X Is Its Best Smartphone Ever

February 2, 2018, 4:59 PM UTC

Over the last several weeks, there’s been a steady drumbeat of reports that Apple’s iPhone X is a loser. They’re all wrong.

Those arguments against the iPhone X were punctuated on Thursday when Apple announced that iPhone sales didn’t meet the Street’s expectations—even if the iPhone division led it to record profits. Apple’s earnings followed reports that it’s significantly cutting iPhone X production and will cut short that production later this year due to flagging demand.

Regardless, it is my firm belief that Apple’s iPhone X is the best smartphone the company has ever released.

I’ve owned every major iPhone release since the handset’s launch in 2007. The original iPhone was groundbreaking and made me feel I’d finally seen the future. And although each new iteration wasn’t necessarily better than the last, small annual improvements generally led to a better user experience.

When I got my hands on the iPhone X last year, I was suspect. The device had a dramatic redesign, a new biometric feature in its Face ID face scanner, and required Apple to change its software design to overcome the lack of a physical home button. I was sure it would have a glitch that would make me rethink my purchase.

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But now months later, I’ve yet to find a major flaw in the iPhone X. In fact, the one quirk I can take issue with centers on the power button and mistakenly taking a screen capture when I accidentally press down the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. Yes, that is my biggest complaint.

Apple’s iPhone X has the best screen of any iPhone ever released—notch and all—and I’ve been impressed by its power and ability to handle even the most resource-intensive apps. Add that to its wireless charging, a Face ID feature that works exceptionally well, and a design that oozes quality, and I’m hard-pressed to find a problem.

I’ll even go one further. I’ve yet to find an Android device that comes close to meaningfully matching Apple’s smartphone across the board. Sure, there are some Android smartphones that have a better this or better that, but collectively, there’s nothing better than the iPhone X. I should also note that in addition to my iPhone X, I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 and have either reviewed or used in my daily life a variety of Android-based smartphones. They can’t match iPhone X.

The iPhone X is expensive. But it’s not hard to dust off an old handset and trade it in to defray some of that cost. And since carriers are offering monthly plans on the iPhone X, you don’t really need to come up with $1,000 or more at once just to get the handset.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X last year, the company called it the “future” of smartphones. I’m inclined to agree. The iPhone X might not be perfect, but it’s about as close to perfect any Apple handset has ever come.

So if you’re in the market for a new smartphone, consider the iPhone X. You’ll be happy you did.