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Elon Musk Is Fresh Out of Flamethrowers

February 1, 2018, 9:41 AM UTC

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has sold all of its $500 flamethrowers, a mere week after the entrepreneur launched his latest stunt.

It was a good stunt, too, even if it started as a joke. The Boring flamethrower even managed to annoy a California lawmaker, who wanted to ban it because—well—it might cause fires.

Musk had about 20,000 of the units for pre-order, and he tweeted Thursday morning that they were all gone.

And because—this cannot be stressed enough—flamethrowers throw flames, Musk added that each one of the things would ship with a free fire extinguisher.

If you’ve understandably lost track of which Musk venture The Boring Company is, it’s the one that wants to suck people at high speed through underground vacuum tubes, as opposed to the one that wants to hurl them around the world in a “Big F***ing Rocket” (that’s SpaceX), the one that’s trying to speed up the development of artificial intelligence in order to save the world from killer robots (OpenAI), or the one that builds electric cars, batteries and other annoyingly practical stuff to do with renewable energy (Tesla, also known as the day job).