The Most Popular Google Android and Apple iOS Apps of 2017

December 29, 2017, 11:00 AM UTC

Which mobile app did people download the most in 2017? Which Android app? Which iOS app?

Glad you asked. Both Google (which makes Android) and Apple (which makes iOS) have announced the most downloaded mobile apps of 2017. Some are surprises. Others? Not so much.

Without further ado:

Top (New) Google Android Apps of 2017

As measured by Play Store downloads during the year.

1. FaceApp. This popular app was also controversial, allowing users to transform photos of their face using artificial intelligence. (How so? By changing a frown into a smile, by reversing (or accelerating) the effects of time, or even changing one’s gender. Like we said: controversial!)

2. What The Forecast?!!. This weather app takes related data and explains conditions in plain language, with a touch of sass. (“Is this fedora weather? Nope. It’s never fedora weather.”)

3. Boomerang. This app, not to be confused with the Instagram feature of the same name, is made by Time Warner and allows users to watch popular Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and MGM cartoon series—Tom and Jerry, Popeye, The Jetsons, etc.—owned by Warner Bros.

4. TopBuzz Video. There’s little magic (but a lot of fun) to this app, which uses machine learning to serve up what it believes are the most shared or trending viral videos on the Internet.

5. Yarn. This novel app tells you a story through a series of text messages.

Google didn’t tally the most popular apps (old and new) in the Google Play store for the year, but there are several that have recurred on the most popular list throughout the year. Among them: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify Music, Fitbit, Pandora, Netflix, and Facebook.

Top Apple iOS Apps of 2017

Not just the new ones. As measured by App Store downloads during the year.

1. Bitmoji. An app to create an expressive cartoon avatar for yourself.

2. Snapchat. The popular, occasionally ephemeral social media app.

3. YouTube. The Google-owned video channel to end all video channels.

4. Facebook Messenger. The social media company’s chat app.

5. Instagram. The Facebook-owned, multimedia-first social media service.

6. Facebook. The social media giant’s signature service.

7. Google Maps. The popular mapping and directions app (and competitor to Apple’s own Maps.)

8. Netflix. The streaming movie and TV show monolith.

9. Spotify. The popular (if unprofitable!) streaming music service.

10. Uber. The dominant (if controversial) on-demand transportation service.

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