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A Southwest Passenger Threatened to Kill Everyone on the Plane After She Was Caught Smoking

On Saturday, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines (LUV) flight threatened to kill everyone on the plane when she was asked to put her cigarette out after being caught smoking in the bathroom.

Southwest Flight 2943 was between Portland and Sacramento when a woman, identified as 24-year-old Valerie Curbello, attempted to smoke in the airplane bathroom and tamper with the smoke detector to avoid being caught, according to airline officials. Curbello later went on to tell a CBS affiliate reporter that she had turned to smoking to try to quell her anxiety.

A passenger told KOIN 6 News that Curbello was removed from the bathroom by flight attendants after it was discovered she was smoking. The witness said the woman ripped an oxygen mask out of the ceiling as crew members forced her back into her seat.

It was then that Curbelo became agitated and began yelling “I have a destination for myself!” at the flight attendant.

“I have a destination for myself, and I need to go there,” Curbello says in a video taken by another passenger (above). “I swear if you don’t … land, I will f—ing kill everybody on this f—ing plane!”

Curbello was restrained by passengers and flight crew before being escorted off the plane and arrested upon landing, according to KOIN 6 News.

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Curbello told Sacramento CBS affiliate reporter Marc Thompson, who spoke with Curbello at the Sacramento County Jail, that it was anxiety that had prompted her actions.

“It was not me, it was not me,” Curbello told the reporter.

When Thompson asked, “Why did you try and smoke in the bathroom?”, Curbello responded by saying, “the anxiety, yeah the anxiety.”

A friend of Curbello’s told KOIN 6 News that she had taken Curbello to a mental health crisis center days before her trip. She said she was worried about Cubello, and didn’t know why she went to Sacramento.

Curbello is being held in a Sacramento jail on $75,000 bail.