How to Remove the ‘Notch’ on Your iPhone X

November 13, 2017, 6:21 PM UTC

Hate the notch at the top of your iPhone X? There’s an app for that.

Today Apple approved a wallpaper app called “Notch Remover” which makes the flagship iPhone’s notch appear invisible by placing a black bar where the notch is and starting the wallpaper below it. Think of it as a way to tun those two eyebrows into a uniform-looking unibrow.

Notch Remover is getting a lot of press today but last week another wallpaper app, Notcho, launched that does the same thing. Notcho comes with 11 pre-set wallpaper selections, but also offers users the opportunity to create their own custom notch-free wallpaper.

Getting that notch removed will cost you. Notch Remover runs $.99. Notcho is free to download, but all of the wallpapers you use with have a “Notcho” watermark on them unless you pay $1.99 to have it removed via in-app purchase.

If you don’t want to pay, the site Gadget Hacks has also come up with a handful of wallpapers for the phone. For this, you just need to download them from the site and start using them on your device.