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Mark Cuban’s Wife Isn’t a Fan of Him Running for President

When Mark Cuban suggested he might run for president to his wife, she reportedly asked him if he had interest in staying married.

Speaking at the New York Times DealBook conference, Cuban said that his family is a huge factor in why he hasn’t officially announced plans to run for president, and it sounds like his wife might be his biggest opposition. Cuban said that while his wife doesn’t seem thrilled by the idea right now, he has a year to try and persuade her before he would need to officially make a bid for the office.

Cuban has previously said that if he were single he would “definitely be running.”

Business Insider notes that the billionaire has teased running for president several times over the past few months. During a recent Fox News interview, he said that if he does decide to run, it would “probably” be as a Republican.

Cuban has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump throughout his presidency. Should he decide to run, it may be in direct competition with Trump for the Republican nomination.