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Apple Says This Is the Most Popular Emoji (It’s Not the Poop)

Apple users are doing a lot of laughing, according to new data released by the tech company.

In a recent report that revealed how people use their products, Apple included a chart revealing the emojis used most frequently by English-speaking users in the United States. The winner — beating out distinctive favorites like the dancing lady and the twin girls — was the crying-laughing face, followed by the red heart, the weeping face, the heart-eyes face, and the blowing-a-kiss emoji.

The chart isn’t labeled, so it’s not possible to know just how many people are firing off tears-of-joy emojis in total — but it appears to be the most heavily used choice by a landslide.

And soon, you may have a new favorite emoji. New images on the way include a zombie, broccoli, sandwiches, scarves, gloves and more. A headscarf emoji is also now available, thanks to 16-year-old Rayouf Alhumedhi.