McDonald’s Has a New Vegan Sandwich

October 30, 2017, 4:16 PM UTC

Forget about the McRib, how about the McVegan?

McDonald’s has created a new veggie burger option for vegans and vegetarians made from soy rather than meat.

The Big Think reports that the McVegan (yes, that’s it’s real name), a soy burger, is being sold by the chain. The burger reportedly has the same standard toppings as the other sandwiches but doesn’t contain any meat. McDonald’s fries are also fried in vegetable oil, so it’s entirely possible for you to buy a full vegan meal.

For now, the burger is only available in Finland. Sales are being done on a trial basis until mid-November. That said, from social media it looks like the burger is a success so we might see it pop up in other countries (hopefully the United States) in the future.

Don Thompson, former CEO of McDonald’s recently joined the board of directors at plant-based burger company Beyond Meat. McDonald’s is not currently using Beyond Meat’s burgers.