New Yorkers Can’t Wait for In-N-Out Pop-Up. Too Bad It’s a Hoax

October 20, 2017, 3:09 PM UTC

New Yorkers, generally, are a skeptical group and not easy to fool. But mention In-N-Out and they’ll apparently believe anything.

More than 40,000 people in the city RSVP’d for what they believed was a forthcoming pop-up location of the famed West Coast burger chain. The problem? It was a hoax.

“We hope that no one is inconvenienced by this apparent prank,” Denny Warnick, vice president of operations at In-N-Out said in a statement to Vice.

The animal-style prank originated on Facebook, when a group called NYC Popups said In-N-Out would be in New York’s SOHO neighborhood from Oct. 27-29, with food, hats, t-shirts and more. It was especially believable since the chain has done pop-ups in other cities, including Vancouver and London.

New York, though? Not on the list. And there are no plans to add it.

Don’t feel too bad for Manhattanites, though. They’ve still got Shake Shacks all over the city (though, if we’re being fair, that chain has expanded out west, while In-N-Out has only reached as far as Texas). And NYC pizza will always win out over what California has to offer.

Yep, we said it.