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New Hatchimals Make Their Debut—and Your Kids Already Want Them

The hatchimal is the popular toy for christmasThe hatchimal is the popular toy for christmas
A young girl plays with her new Hatchimal on Nov. 10, 2016. Richard Lautens—Toronto Star / Getty Images

Some parents are still recovering from the stress of trying to find a Hatchimal for their child during the holiday 2016 season. It’s about to get worse.

Creator Spin Master has rolled out Hatchimals Surprise, the second generation of the self-hatching eggs—and there’s every sign the demand will be just as crazy as it was for the originals.

The $70 toy (a $10 increase over last year’s hefty price) will give kids two creatures from the same egg, which might not seem like terribly exciting to adults, but is apparently a huge deal for the under 12 set. Further amping up demand from kids? The manufacturer has introduced two new species of Hatchimals: Peacats and Giravens. (Some retailers could have additional exclusive breeds.)

Hatchimals Surprise are already available for preorder—and if last year is any indicatcation, that might be your best chance of getting one, short of camping outside of stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

One of the new Hatchimals will repeat phrases your child says to it, while the other will dance and play games. Position the two so they’re facing each other and they’ll play games, have dance parties and giggle, among other things.

Yes, as a parent, it sounds horrific, but, to be fair, we didn’t quite get fidget spinners either.