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Heroes of Las Vegas, Elizabeth Warren V. Wells Fargo, Justin Trudeau at MPW

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Stories of heroism from Las Vegas, Elizabeth Warren has it in for another Wells Fargo CEO, and a very special someone is coming to our Most Powerful Women Summit. Have a lovely Wednesday.


This is what heroes look likeIn the dark days following the Las Vegas shooting that left 59 people killed and 527 wounded, the journalists at our sister publication People have managed to find some rays of light for this week’s cover story. The story recounts a number of tales of heroism on the part of concertgoers and Nevada inhabitants. As one woman who was at the scene puts it, “If anything, I learned there is still humanity in this world.” Here are a few of accounts from women who were there:

Heather Gooze, 43, bartender, Las Vegas

Gooze was working at a bar toward which people ran to escape the bullets when three men carried victim Jordan McIldon over on a ladder.

“His phone was locked but Facebook messages kept coming in, so I went on Facebook and found him, sent messages to everyone who had the same last name,” Gooze told People. “After we found his family, I promised them we wouldn’t leave him. I was with him when he took his last breath.”

Lindsay Padgett, 29, entertainer, Las Vegas

“We didn’t hear gunshots for a little bit, so we were like, ‘All right, let’s go.’ We got to my truck and we just see all these people all over the road and this guy says, ‘We need your truck,’ and I said, ‘Put them all in.’”

Karen Gale, 44, publicist, Nashville

“I will never forget the sound of that gunfire. There were lost shoes all over the ground, women being carried by boyfriends. If anything, I learned there is still humanity in this world. I saw it last night.”



JT comes to MPW. Canada’s most famous feminist is coming to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take part in a keynote conversation with Pattie Sellers, Fortune’s former assistant managing editor and the current executive director of MPW Summits and Live Content in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday, Oct. 10th. Here’s how to watch: Fortune

Warren vs. Wells. Last year, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren demanded that Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf be fired in the wake of the bank’s fake account scandal—but she isn’t pleased with Stumpf’s successor, Timothy Sloane, either. At a Senate banking committee hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Warren argued that Sloan should be fired too since he was part of the culture that encouraged employees to create millions of phony accounts for customers without their knowledge or consent. Fortune

• Please don’t run? In a chamber controlled by 52 Republicans, Maine Sen. Susan Collins and a handful of other centrist Republican senators can decide the fate of President Donald Trump’s agenda. It’s no surprise, then, that Collins—who is one of the main opponents to Trump’s health care agenda—is torn over whether to run for governor of Maine: “Given the contentious environment in Washington right now, my voice and vote matter a great deal,” Collins tells Politico. “On the other hand, if I were fortunate enough to be elected governor, I could work more directly on job creation.” She plans to make the decision later this month.  Politico

A win—but not for women. Three U.S. scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics yesterday. While that is—as it should be—a point of pride for Americans in academia, the following stat inspires the opposite feeling for me: That number is higher than the total number of women who’ve been awarded the Physics Nobel. Only two—or .01%—of the top physics honors have gone to women. Fortune

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Fortune parent Time Inc. has hired Julie Alvin as senior digital director, Lifestyle. Most recently, she was Bustle’s executive editor and director of Brand Initiatives. Former astronaut Julie Payette has been named Governor General of Canada.


• Not one to be sidelined. Over the course of her 36-year acting career, Frances McDormand has played women “who are attractive but rarely beautiful, magnetic but thorny.” She is perhaps best known for her role in Fargo, where she played Marge. As the NYT notes in this fascinating profile of the actress, “This ability to suggest a fascinating inner life just out of the viewer’s reach made McDormand’s career as a character actress. She takes marginal characters and makes them the most robust people in the movie.” New York Times

• #PoweredByWomen. Two days after International Women’s Day, the editors-in-chief of Glamour’s 17 international editions gathered in Paris for their annual conference. With feminism on their minds, they made the decision to make produce an entirely female-created November issue and established the #PoweredByWomen initiative to raise the presence of female talent on Glamour‘s pages and screens. As the American edition’s EIC Cindy Leive puts it, “If we’re going to complain about Congress being just 20 percent female, I figured, we’d best make sure our own house was in order.” Glamour

• Watch your words. CBS has fired Hayley Geftman-Gold, vice president and senior legal counsel, after she wrote on Facebook that some victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting were “Republican gun toters” who did not deserve sympathy. One of the network’s top lawyers, she has since apologized and deleted the post. Washington Post

A tale of two working women. The New York Times has the story of Chupi Sweetman-Durney, a jewelry company founder who lives in Dublin, Ireland and Lea Giovanniello, a certifications analyst at Corsec Security in Vienna, Va. While their stories are different, the struggles they’ve faced as professional women are remarkably similar. Fortune

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