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Here Are 5 Awesome Doodle Games for Google’s 19th Anniversary

September 27, 2017, 3:44 PM UTC

Alphabet’s Google on Wednesday turned 19 years old, leaving, of course, the company to do something a little fun on its big day.

With help from an interactive “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner,” the company shared 19 of its favorite doodles over the years. And many of them are fun games and other cool features the company has offered up over nearly two decades.

That said, actually seeing all 19 doodles can take some time, since the spinner can land on the same items quite often. So, rather than sit through the spinning, read on for Fortune‘s look at the five best doodle games Google (GOOGL) shared to commemorate its 19th birthday. Better yet, click on the links in each item to start playing the games right away in your browser.

Valentine’s Day 2017

Google’s Valentine’s Day 2017 doodle lets you play a side-scrolling game with plenty of red and hearts to go around. The game lets you control the character with just your arrow keys and space bar, and has fun levels you can play throughout the day.

Think of the doodle as a lower-cost, but still fun, old school Super Mario game.


Fischinger is one of the coolest options in this roundup.

By clicking on your screen, you can make a visual music composition. As a bar moves across the areas you click, it will play the sounds associated with that area. You can also change the instrument you’re using to create different effects.

Needless to say, it’s really, really addicting.

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Snake Game

Who doesn’t love the old-fashioned Snake Game?

Using only the arrow keys on your keyboard, your mission is simple: to get your snake to eat as many apples as possible and grow its size without hitting its body in the process. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, and makes for some fun on a boring workday.


Remember Pac-Man? Remember how fun it was to play in the arcades?

Well, it’s just as fun to play in Google’s Doodle.

No description needed here. Just click this link and start playing.

Hip Hop

If you’re a fan of DJs, or would like to try out your own skills, Google’s Hip Hop doodle is for you.

You can spin records from the doodle, and scratch all you want to some fantastic songs. I wasn’t sure about Hip Hop when I first booted it up, but soon enough, I found myself loving this app.

Bonus: 1-Minute Breathing Exercise

OK, I was going to stop it there, but then I spun one more time and found myself feeling better after following the directions in the 1-Minute Breathing Exercise.

The doodle is about as simple as it gets: click the Play button and follow the instructions. Ultimately, it aims at making you feel more relaxed. And at least for me, it worked quite well.