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Kevin Hart Has a New Mobile Game (But He’s Not Very Good at it)

September 18, 2017, 4:58 PM UTC

Comedic superstar Kevin Hart joined the ranks of Kim Kardashian and Candy Crush on Monday with a new mobile video game.

The game is called Gold Ambush With Kevin Hart, made by a new company called StandUp Digital, which specializes in celebrities and “mobile entertainment.” It’s the result of a partnership between Hart and Pinxter Digital, one of many business relationships Hart has cultivated over his career. (See Fortune’s interview with Hart about his budding media empire.)

Gold Ambush features Hart, his wife, and their two children. Was it strange having his likeness made into a playable cartoon character? “No, because my body looks amazing on the game,” Hart told Fortune in an interview before Gold Ambush’s release. “If they had they had made me look weird then it would have been a problem.”

He still has some critiques though: His character’s head is “a little big,” and Hart allows “my knee caps are very small on this game so I think my guy, he could probably get injured.” (Hart, an athlete, also collaborates on sports gear for Nike.)

Hart admits he’s still figuring out the mechanics of Gold Ambush. “I don’t know if I’m good at the game yet, because I don’t know what good is at the game yet,” he said. “Will my kids be good? Yes.”

Hart’s son is particularly happy that he’s “the fastest guy in the game,” he says, “because that’s what he wants to be … He’s been playing it, like super, super excited.” His daughter’s character can fly. “She’s excited about that,” he says. “Honestly it’s true that I love to do things to get a reaction from them and their excitement is the biggest present that I can have. That’s me having an imprint in my kid’s life that they’ll never forget.”

The result? “I’m excited for them to play, and probably spend a bunch of my money on a game that I’m invested in, which is kind of stupid.”

Hart, who now has his finger in dozens of different projects including a new production studio and streaming network, doubts he’ll be posting high scores himself. “Of course I’m not good. If I’ve got time to play this game. Something is going on in my life—bad,” he said. “If you see, like, high scores from me, I’m failing somewhere in life. Something is going on. I wish I had time. I’m just telling you that now if I had time to do it—it would be scary.”