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Do You Work From Home? Survey Says Technology Is Probably Not Your Friend

August 24, 2017, 8:55 PM UTC

Ah, the woes of the remote worker.

Nearly one in six employees feel that their colleagues who work from home are less valued by companies, according to a survey conducted by CyberLink and YouGov.

Polling firm YouGov, in partnership with multimedia software company CyberLink, administered the online survey to 1,150 adults in the workforce at the end of July and asked about their experiences with working remotely.

Unsurprisingly, employees working outside the main office have a harder time connecting with coworkers and one in five believe remote workers are promoted less often.

The culprit: Faulty technology. Even with strong communication practices, technical pitfalls continue to make life as a remote worker difficult.

Nearly one third of people who work from home have been late to or missed a meeting entirely because of tech problems and 40% say they’ve been dropped from important calls.

Here’s the thing: An increasing number of American workers are choosing to work remotely — about 43% of workers chose to work outside the office at some point in the last year according to a February Gallup poll.

Handling hybrid teams, with a mix of in-office and out-of-office workers, also presents a challenge for managers.

Communication is key and sometimes it takes extra effort to keep team members based in different locations feeling engaged and connected. For example, two out of five of the remote employees surveyed have misconstrued a tone in emails or instant messages.