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Samsung Might Be Making the First Smartphone That Can Tell if You’re Drunk

Samsung Electronics Co. Launch Their Galaxy Note 7 SmartphoneSamsung Electronics Co. Launch Their Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone
The smartphone addiction is real.Chris Ratcliffe—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Samsung’s (SSNLF) new smartphones may be able to test a user’s blood alcohol content while they’re having a chat on the phone, using a new stylus that has reportedly just been patented.

Citing a company official, the Korea Times reports that the S Pen stylus, an accessory that comes with Samsung’s Note series smartphones, can be used as a microphone for phone conversations while it is testing alcohol levels.

According to the Times, a Samsung official said the company applied for a patent last year and was recently approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The official added, however, that new patents are not always put to use right away.

For more on Samsung, watch Fortune’s video:

If used properly, the new feature could help reduce the number of alcohol related road accidents. According to the Times, and industry expert said the model that comes with the new stylus may be intended only for special tasks, not for general consumers.