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7 Companies With Great Wellness Programs

August 17, 2017, 2:00 PM UTC
Views Of The Googleplex Campus As Google Inc. Brings Ultra-Fast Internet Access To San Francisco
A cyclist rides past Google Inc. offices inside the Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California, U.S., on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016. Google, part of Alphabet Inc., plans on tapping into existing fiber networks in San Francisco to deliver ultra-fast internet access across the city. Photographer: Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Remember that New Year’s resolution you made to get healthy? We’re guessing the majority of you haven’t given it much thought since.

We totally get it—it’s hard to balance work and wellness. At some companies, though, it’s a little easier, thanks to the awesome workplace wellness programs they offer.

While workplace wellness programs aren’t anything new, they have evolved tremendously over the past few years. We’re talking about programs that go beyond smoking cessation classes and health screenings.

Recently, rounded up companies with epic wellness programs you’ll want to get in on. The programs at these companies go the extra mile to promote health, happiness, and productivity by taking on engaging, fun, and holistic approaches to wellness.

Check out seven of the companies—and their laundry list of wellness perks—on TotalWellness’s list below that are hiring now on Monster.


Accenture cares about both the minds and bodies of its employees. The business management consultant company offers employee assistance programs, which provide confidential support for issues like stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, employees are offered Teladoc services, where they can ask a physician any health-related question 24/7. As for fitness, Accenture’s innovative wellness program allows employees to set health goals and offers rewards for completing healthy activities. They make it pretty easy to do, too, as the company offers special rates and discounts for gyms and fitness centers as well as an online fitness program, so employees can workout anytime.


One word: Naps. That’s right, you can get paid to sleep at Asana in one of their “nap rooms,” made so employees can rest up, recharge, and de-stress. Then again, you could always take a day off, as the company offers unlimited PTO to help employees achieve work-life balance. Daily yoga programs and free gym memberships are also offered at the software company. You can eat pretty well here, too. The in-house culinary team serves three, nutritious meals a day using fresh produce from local and organic farms. The company also offers mentor programs that provide free executive coaching, along with monthly workshops with different health-themed focuses, such as a “Debunking Detox” workshop and an immunity workshop before flu season. Oh, and on Wednesday’s, Asana doesn’t hold meetings.


Draper understands that working out and being healthy isn’t fun if you’re the only one. Perhaps that’s why the manufacturing company holds 10-week weight loss challenges that include cash prizes and weekly gift cards as well as regular walking contests to keep things fun and competitive. Additionally, Draper offers onsite Zumba and Weight Watchers classes and holds annual health fairs filled with fun activities.


Google’s campus offers an all-encompassing wellness program featuring onsite healthcare services, including physician, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage services, as well as access to fitness centers, classes, and community bikes. You can even pick up new personal and professional skills by taking cooking classes, coding degree programs, or guitar lessons, to name a few of the cool classes Google offers. The campus cafés and micro kitchens are stocked with nutritious, color-coded meals and snacks, and provide smaller plates to help with portion control. The search engine powerhouse also offers its workers financial wellness resources, such as access to financial advisors and financial planning services. Not to mention, employees are granted flexible hours, vacation time, and volunteer time, helping Googlers achieve work-life balance.


Get your “om” on at Intuit. The software company’s “Fit for Life” program offers meditation and mindfulness classes as reimbursable expenses as well as incentives for employees engaging in stress-reduction habits, like taking a walk, practicing breathing exercises, or listening to calming music. The company’s website provides mindfulness resources, but employees can also find “mindful moment” tips on the whiteboards in the conference rooms.


It’s all about health at Microsoft. Not only does the company offer education and resources for smoking cessation, weight management, and fitness training, Microsoft will also fund your gym memberships or fitness-related equipment and activity purchases while also providing free Zumba classes, onsite walking and running tracks, along with basketball, volleyball, and baseball courts. Additionally, Microsoft holds “Know Your Numbers” health screening events that provide employees and their spouses with screenings for heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure, along with mammograms and flu shots. The Microsoft campus also offers health-care services, including onsite clinics, optometrists, and pharmacists. The Microsoft CARES employee assistance program also offers free personal and family counseling, stress management, and referrals for child and elder care. The cafés come stocked with healthy dining options, including a new “Real Easy Wellness” labeling system to help employees easily identify healthy food options. Even better, though, Microsoft offers onsite grocery and dry cleaning delivery, too. Not to mention, Microsoft has a mentorship program, employee source groups, networks, and social groups to build a sense of community and camaraderie among co-workers.

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Sitting at a cubicle at SAS isn’t so bad with their bright, open office layout, windows, pops of color, and displays of original artwork. Fitness is important here, as the world headquarters campus in North Carolina has an onsite recreation and fitness center, along with a health care center. The software company also offers educational programs to keep employees’ goals on track. Need someone to watch your kids? SAS offers subsidized, onsite daycare, too.