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Amazon Spark Lets You Shop a Curated Feed of Stories and Images

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)
(Photo: Amazon)

Imagine an Instagram where you can buy what you see. That’s the goal of the new Amazon Spark service.

The new feature was beta-tested before its launch Tuesday, according to TechCrunch, and is only available to Amazon customers in the United States through the mobile app.

The service is also aimed at Amazon Prime members. Non-prime members can view the Spark feed, but can’t post or comment.

Amazon Spark (Photo: Amazon)

Spark is available in the “Programs & Features” tab on the app, where users can select which types of products they’re interested in and then get a curated feed of products and pictures.

Users have to chose five areas of interest before launching the Spark service. According to TechCrunch, the posts may look like reviews for products or Instagram-like images. A shopping bag with a number in the bottom right corner designates how many and which items are available for purchase.

Spark already has plans for expansion. Amazon will allow customers to share reviews they’ve previously written on the website through Spark beginning July 30, , according to the report.