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Amazon Prime Day 2017: Weird Beauty Products Edition

If not for Jeff Bezos, today would be just another muggy summer Tuesday. Thankfully, Jeff Bezos exists, which means Amazon exists, which means Prime Day exists, a one-day event in which the e-commerce behemoth floods the Internet with deals on deals on deals.

While some people hate Prime Day, I think it’s great. The event generates a lot of fun stuff: there are the sales, of course (both good and bad), and there’s all the advice on how to find and navigate these sales, which makes for interesting, occasionally patronizing, reading (like when an online shopping “expert” advises not to get “sucked into buying things that you don’t really need.”)

Prime Day is also a good excuse to take stock of the beauty trends currently rippling through the Internet. Below, a sampling of popular and bizarre beauty items for sale today.

Coconut. If you like rubbing coconut-scented stuff on your skin, you’ll like Prime Day. An incomplete list of products for sale featuring the fruit: body scrubs, massage oil, hand soap, whipped cream leave-in conditioner, and something called a “cleansing pudding.”

Same goes for coffee, which has been repurposed as a series of exfoliating scrubs.

Also! The Dead Sea, available via an infused mud mask ($13.73 down from $14.45) or travel-sized, TSA-compliant magnesium oil spray.

Brush sets. Prime Day has multiple options, most under $20. This 32 piece set (on sale for $15.99, down from $27.99) includes brushes that will help you do things like “angle” your “face shadow,” “sponge” your “eye smudge,” and make your face look like it’s gone through a “blender.”

A boar bristle beard brush (which promises to eliminate itchy beards and flakes): $15.97 down from $25.97

Skin food (food for your skin)

3D mink fur fake eyelashes (self explanatory): $10.39 down from $29.99.

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