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Amazon Prime Day Has Some Insanely Good Tech Deals

July 11, 2017, 1:00 AM UTC

For the last three years, Christmas has come early, but only for Amazon Prime customers. Amazon’s (AMZN) annual sale, Amazon Prime Day, has been a tradition since 2015. The holiday, reminiscent of Black Friday, promises killer deals while putting some of Amazon’s own products in the limelight. Starting at 9 p.m. EST on July 10 and running through July 11, the annual sale includes deals on everything from household items and furniture to cutting-edge tech. We’ve pulled out some of the best tech gadgets to keep your eyes on as Amazon Prime Day begins.

Amazon Echo

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

A number one best seller on Amazon and one of America’s favorite smart home devices, the Amazon Echo brings voice assistant Alexa to life. The device can “follow” your voice around the room, and is know to be quick and intuitive. With Alexa setting alarms, updating calendars, and being able to switch on the lights, users have compared the Amazon Echo to a near-perfect spouse. One user wrote, “If I knew relationships were this easy, I would have married 30 years ago.”

Original Price: $179.99

Sale Price: $89.99

Echo Show and Arlo Security Camera bundle

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon is taking $75 off this bundle, probably to highlight its newest Alexa-centered product, the Echo Show. It brings together everything we love about Alexa, plus the new feature of sight. The new product can make hands-free video calls, play Youtube videos, and connect to security cameras to help check for intruders.

Original Price: $378.99

Sale Price: $303.99

RepRap Guru 3D Printer

Eighty-one percent of consumers gave the “do it yourself” 3D printer a five-star rating. Users reported the building to be a bit challenging, but rewarding. The printing, however, “turned out great” according to most users.

Original Price: $349.99

Sale Price: $244.99

Google WiFi System (3 pack)

This router replacement received a 4.4 out of the five stars among customers who note the system’s ability to eliminate dead zones. It’s great for a family home, but not so much a business due to it’s lack of customization.

Original Price: $269.99

Sale: $249.99

Samsung 28 inch UHD Led-Monitor with Freesync support

The display on this monitor is crisp and clear and video streaming is “beautiful and high definition,” according to users. The monitor is highly recommended for those interested in art or design work, simply everyday usage rather than for gaming purposes.

Original: $399

Sale: $279.99

VTech phone answering system with 4 headsets

Over half of customers gave this handset 5-star ratings due to its clear display and sound quality.

Original: $65.35

Sale: $51

Lexmark Compact Laser Printer

Stop waiting around for the printer to warm up and start printing up to 35 pages a minute. A powerful core processor and optional second tray mean you’ll spend less time on maintenance and paper refills.

Original: $103.67

Sale: $76

Epson EX5240, XGA, 3200 Lumens Color Brightness, 3200 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector

Customers rave about this projector with 1.5 times more resolution than Epson’s previous model. Reviews say it’s a “best buy” and it “won’t disappoint.” It’s has a fast and easy setup, is compatible with most laptops, and it supports HDMI. The product is great for projects ranging from business presentations to home movies, according to users.

Original: $458.74

Sale: 384

Panasonic Link2Cell 6.0 1-Line Bluetooth Cordless Phone with enabled noise reduction and digital answering

With this five-pack cordless phone set, you’ll have a phone in every corner of your home. Sixty-two percent of customers gave it five-star rating, reporting that it’s very easy to use.

Original: $134.98

Sale: $98.99

Huawei – Mate 9

Courtesy of Huawei
Courtesy of Huawei

The phone is integrated with Alexa’s voice, giving the user access to the services and skills Amazon’s Alexa is known for, like giving weather reports, updating your calendar, and searching for the latest news. Its revolutionary two-day battery life ensures that users won’t be lost without power. It takes just 20 minutes of charge for 24 hours worth of power. For clearer phone calls, the four noise-cancelling microphones with directional audio capture work to eliminate background noise. Over 75% of reviewers gave this phone a five-star rating.

Original: $599.99

Sale: $449.99

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A great buy for those who need a compact speaker without being attached to the wall. Customers report it as a “great bang for your buck.”

Original: $59.99

Sale: $22.32


AmazonBasics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

It’s waterproof enough to dual as a shower speaker and loud enough to hear over a motor, according to a user who went fishing with the device. The Bluetooth makes it easy to connect to devices, but for those who are more old-fashioned, there’s room for an aux cord.

Original: $34.99

Sale: $19.66

Bissell Bark Bath Portable Dog Bath System

Dog owners can take advantage of Amazon Prime Day by buying their four-legged friend something special. The portable dog bath system allows users to bathe their pet in any room without a wet, sudsy mess. The set comes with nozzles that clean past the top of the fur, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a microfiber matte, and no-rinse shampoo. The environmentally-conscious system saves water, using 48 oz. for an 80 lb. dog, compared to a traditional bath that uses up to nine gallons. Many users reported that this system was best for those looking to cut down on the frequency of grooming appointments for their dog.

Original: $149.99

Sale: $119.99

Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold 3G Connected Car Adapter

Courtesy of Automatic
Courtesy of Automatic

This gold adapter plugs into almost any car and provides unlimited monitoring for car lovers. The adapter keeps track of the car’s location so you’ll never lose your car in a parking lot again. The best feature? 3G cell service with no fees beyond the purchase price of the device. In the case of a serious accident, Automatic Pro reaches out to trained agents for assistance and notifies loved ones.

Original: $109.99

Sale: $84.19

Amazon Element Smart TV

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

This smart TV integrates over 15,000 channels, apps, and Alexa skills to bring you the highest quality of entertainment. With 55 inches of realistic 4UHD picture quality and over 8 million pixels, this TV brings deep contrast and clarity to the viewer. Though navigating the Fire TV might be a bit difficult for those new to the system, the setup process is easy and straightforward, according to reviewers.

Original: $649.99

Sale: 399.99

Kindle Oasis Free Wifi + 3G

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

This 8th generation Kindle with built-in illumination has customers raving about its lightweight and easy-to-hold design. Some say it’s the “best Kindle ever.” This model has built in Wifi, but does include ads, according to users.

Original: $379.99

Sale: $309.99

Gigabyte i7 Gaming Laptops

With a slim and light design, this laptop is glare-free and recommended for those interested in VR. Reviewers have said the gaming laptop has “truly remarkably capable hardware across the board.” Users seem to agree that the screen quality was fantastic and despite being sleek, the laptop was very fast.

OG: $1999.99

Sale: $1799.99

MSI i7 GTX 1060 Stealth Gaming Laptop

Designed for gamers, this laptop is thin and sleek with a pristine performance level, according to users. Reviewers praise the system’s high-performance technology, with one reviewer calling the screen “breathtaking.”

Original: $1499.99

Sale: $1149.99

Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

This new SmartTV model features 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with HDR for lifelike pictures and an LED-lit sleek design. Eighty percent of users gave this television a five-star rating, with most commenting on the product’s high quality. One customer said it’s “like having an IMAX in your living room.”

Original: $1999.00

Sale: $1498.00

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