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Trump Fatigue? There’s an App for That

Feeling trump fatigue? You’re not alone. News app Quartz is allowing users to “snooze” POTUS-related headlines. A Google Chrome extension lets users filter out web pages mentioning the President. And news aggregator Nuzzel now lets users opt for a no-Trump filter on their headlines delivered to their inbox and app each day.

Nuzzel uses a person’s social media connections to determine which stories will be most relevant to each user. For many, that means a lot of Trump. This year, the social shares on Trump-related news hit an all-time high in January.

“We started getting complaints from users about seeing too many political stories shared by their friends, probably due to all of the Trump-related scandals,” says Jonathan Abrams, Nuzzel’s CEO and co-founder.

Trump: Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images; Hand: iStockphoto/Getty Images

The $10 premium service, launched in June, promises both the keyword filter and no ads. Abrams stresses that people can weed out whatever topic they want—not just Trump.

It’s not their imagination. News coverage of President Trump has eclipsed all other celebrities and politicians with his presence looming over the edges of media consumption—including mentions on TV shows like The Bachelor and during the Golden Globes.

“The sheer mountain of coverage is so far above every other celebrity there’s no comparison,” says Paul Senatori, cofounder and head of analytics at mediaQuant, a Portland, Ore. company that measures “earned media,” or all the news coverage that isn’t paid. It tallies up every mention of a brand or person in news outlets, blogs, social media and TV news and then estimates how much those mentions would have cost if someone were to pay for them as advertising. Trump’s current value: $553 million—more than 55 top celebrities combined and greater than any other brand outside of Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. Trump even pulled more coverage in the European media segment than any other political leader overseas. About 25% of all Trump coverage is negative—a relatively high number for any celebrity, says Senatori.

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Take heed, Trump’s domination is starting to plateau, and social media appears to be tiring of the evolving Trump storyline, Senatori says, but that of course could change with a single 4 a.m. tweet. If so, there’s a filter for that.

A version of this article appears in the July 1, 2017 issue of Fortune with the headline “For Those Tired of Trump News, There’s a Plug-in for That.”