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Detachable Jeans Are Back and Smaller Than Ever

Parisian clothing brand Y/Project just came out with another pair of detachable jeans, but you might need to be careful about what you wear underneath them.

The jeans feature a denim belt that goes along the waist, which has adjustable straps that connect to individual pant legs. Meaning, the pants don’t actually exist from the waist to the mid-thigh. Online, the jeans are styled with a dress that goes under the belt and ends just above the pant legs.

The unique pair of jeans sells for $570.

In May, Y/Project came out with a different pair of detachable jeans that turned in shorts.

Of course, Y/Project is not alone in making a controversial denim fashion statement. Nordstrom faced criticism for selling a pair of $425 jeans that were covered in fake mud. Topshop also faced backlash for its clear pants, which people said looked like a raincoat for legs.