“People are already familiar with the Target phenomenon where you go in intending to buy flip flops and end up leaving with an entire bedroom of home furnishings—so I can only imagine how much Target’s sales will increase once music encourages them to stay in the store even longer,” he says. “But more than increased linger time, developing a strong musical presence in stores will continue to reinforce this idea that shopping at Target is an experience… customers will now be able to form personal connections and positive bonds with their local Target stores.”For Target, the team is looking to add a fun element to each guest’s experience with playlists that feature “upbeat, positive” songs. And Beckerman says that’s the key to a successful sound that stays true to the brand.

“Sound has the capacity to complete the illusion of transporting to another world, even if that’s just to buy a pair of shorts for the summer,” he says. “It’s essential that the experience is cohesive from every angle.”

This article originally appeared on RealSimple.com