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5 Times Ivanka Trump Has Been Called Out For Tone-Deaf Tweets

Ivanka Trump’s tweets don’t get quite as much attention as her father’s, but some do go viral—though not always for the reasons she might prefer.

While it didn’t make as much of a splash as the president’s mysterious “covfefe” tweet, the Ivanka Trump brand’s suggestion that followers make “champagne popsicles” on Memorial Day—a U.S. holiday commemorating war veterans—was perceived as particularly tone-deaf.

Twitter users responded to the post with stories about veteran family members:

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Champagne popsicles weren’t the first Trump-related suggestion to rub people the wrong way. Her tweet promoting her recently released book, Women Who Work, stated that the “hiring trifecta” is “hard work, passion, and perseverance in the face of challenge.”

Some Twitter users felt that Trump’s “trifecta” ignores a key factor in her own success: her family fortune.

Trump’s tweet in honor of #NationalLibraryWeek was seen as naive for a different reason: her father’s proposal to defund the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the agency that funds local public libraries.

Then there’s this photo of the first daughter with husband Jared Kushner, which was posted the same weekend that protests over President Trump’s travel ban erupted across the country.

As New York Times journalist Dave Itzkoff put it:

While scrutiny of Ivanka Trump’s tweets has undoubtedly increased since her father became president, she received criticism for not acknowledging her privilege even before the 2016 election.

The hashtag #nomoneynoproblems just doesn’t quite feel right coming from the daughter of a billionaire.