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Aston Martin’s New Car Will Have a Custom Driver’s Seat Scanned to Your Body

The London Motor ShowThe London Motor Show
Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar on display at the London Motor Show at Battersea Evolution on May 4, 2017 in London, England.John Keeble Getty Images

A new Aston Martin car will have custom-made driver’s seats made using a 3-D scan of the driver’s body.

“Valkyrie,” Aston Martin’s upcoming car made in collaboration with Red Bull, will come out in 2019 with a custom seat for drivers, CNBC reports. Aston Martin Asia Pacific President Patrik Nilsson told CNBC the focus of the Valkyrie will be on performance over speed.

“We’re not focused on maximum top speed. We are focused on how dynamic the car is,” he said. “Much like in Formula One, the winning car is the one that breaks the quickest, goes around the corner the quickest, and accelerates the quickest. Not necessarily the one with top speed.”

The car is part of the company’s plan to spur Aston Martin’s growth by engineering special models.