The Fastest-Growing Jobs in Each State

May 23, 2017, 1:00 AM UTC
Mother having a conversation with doctor
Mother having a conversation with doctor
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“What are some good jobs near me?” you wonder. Glad you asked!

Financial technology company SmartAsset recently revealed the fastest growing jobs in each state—and Monster has plenty of openings for them. Some jobs—especially in STEM, medical, manufacturing, and education—are growing at much faster rate in certain states than others.

Nationwide, the study found that the fastest growing job is solar photovoltaic installer, which involves maintaining, assembling, and installing solar panels on roofs. As far as great entry-level jobs go, this one’s a winner—only a high school education is required, and people in this job typically make an average salary of $39,240 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A deeper dive into the analysis shows that some jobs are the fastest growing in multiple states. For example, jobs for financial examiners are on the rise in nearly every state and were the No. 1 fastest-growing job in New Jersey, Florida, and Ohio; jobs for occupational health and safety technicians were the fastest growing occupation in Arizona, Louisiana, and Missouri.

To see the fastest growing job in your state, click through the list of jobs below.

Fastest-growing jobs by state:

Alabama: Medical scientists

Alaska: Oil, gas, and mining service unit operators

Arizona: Occupational health and safety technicians

Arkansas: Physician assistants

California: Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists

Colorado: Psychiatric aides

Connecticut: Preschool special education teachers

Delaware: Phlebotomists

District of Columbia: Postsecondary education teachers

Florida: Financial examiners

Georgia: Food and tobacco roasting, baking, and drying machine operators

Hawaii: Public relations and fundraising managers

Idaho: Electrical and electronics repairers

Illinois: Postsecondary law teachers

Indiana: Medical appliance technicians

Iowa: Traffic technicians

Kansas: Forensic science technicians

Kentucky: Engine and other machine assemblers

Louisiana: Occupational health and safety technicians

Maine: Biochemists and biophysicists

Maryland: Avionics technicians

Massachusetts: Family and general practitioners

Michigan: Computer and information research scientists

Minnesota: Hand sewers

Mississippi: Chemical plant and system operators

Missouri: Occupational health and safety technicians

Montana: Coating, painting, and spraying machine operators

Nebraska: Surveying and mapping technicians

Nevada: Recordkeeping checkers

New Hampshire: Electrical and electronics drafters

New Jersey: Financial examiners

New Mexico: Machine feeders

New York: Sociologists

North Carolina: Skincare specialists

North Dakota: Postal service clerks

Ohio: Financial examiners

Oklahoma: Electro-mechanical technicians

Oregon: Medical scientists

Pennsylvania: Wood sawing machine operators

Rhode Island: Substitute teachers

South Carolina: Postsecondary health specialties teachers

South Dakota: Cartographers and photogrammetrists

Tennessee: Food batchmakers

Texas: Fine artists, including painters, sculptors, and illustrators

Utah: Personal care aides

Vermont: Library technicians

Virginia: Postsecondary environmental science teachers

Washington: Auto damage insurance appraisers

West Virginia: Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists

Wisconsin: Psychiatric aides

Wyoming: Boilermakers