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David Dao’s Lawyer Isn’t Happy With the New Yorker Cover

The New Yorker has never been one to shy away from controversy.

The magazine is due to release its May 22 issue with an illustration of Attorney General Jeff Sessions dragging former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey off a plane.

Its parallels to the incident involving passenger David Dao, who was dragged off of a United Flight in early April, are unmistakable. And David Dao’s lawyer, who helped the passenger reach a settlement with United for an undisclosed sum, isn’t entertained.

“It minimizes the Dao event so that’s collateral damage of a magazine trying to make an editorial point. They must feel that Comey’s exit was Dao-ish when in fact it wasn’t,” Thomas Demetrio of Corboy and Demetrio told MarketWatch Thursday. “It was a whole different deal.”

While many have been dismissed from their jobs, rarely, if ever, are they injured, said Demetrio. According to the attorney, Dao lost teeth, and suffered a concussion as a result of being dragged off the United (UAL) flight.