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Delta Cancels ‘Media Day’ After Video Shows Family Getting Kicked Off Flight

Delta Airlines canceled its “Media Day,” an event where the company shows off its latest product innovations and global strategy, just days after a video of a passenger and his family being kicked off a flight went viral.

“With the recent focus by Congress on airline customer service issues that have gone viral on social media, we decided that the timing is not right to showcase Delta’s product innovations and global strategy. We are reviewing our plans to reschedule the event and will keep you informed,” the airline said in a statement posted to its website.

Delta faced major backlash on social media when it not only kicked the family off their flight, but threatened them with jail unless they gave up their seat.

The news came only weeks after David Dao, a passenger on a United Airlines flight, was forcibly removed from a plane in Chicago and endured numerous injuries. He eventually settled with United for an undisclosed amount.

American Airlines, too, has faced controversy. Footage recently surfaced of a crying mother who was confronted by a flight attendant on one of its aircrafts.

Since then, members of Congress have called for an investigation into the state of air travel.