Jackie Chan Expands His Media Empire to 3D Cartoons

April 14, 2017, 12:33 PM UTC

Jackie Chan will be at the center of a 104-episode 3D television series about Chinese values and culture.

The show, called the “All New Jackie Chan Adventures,” is set to air in China, according to CNBC. It was produced by Zhejiang Talent Television & Film, Khorgas JJ Culture Media, VJ Animation Studio.

Though the show seems set for international viewing too. The $6 million show has also been produced up to international standards.

“It’s meant to help all young children to do things they don’t always like to do—don’t look at your phone for too long, remember to brush your teeth, respect your elders, pick up the trash,” Chan said during a Thursday press briefing to CNBC.

He added that while it used to be hard for Chinese media to penetrate international markets, now China has “the capital and ability to start purchasing foreign companies,” CNBC reported—allowing the country to spread its culture abroad.