Bernie Sanders Now Has a Podcast Streaming on iTunes

April 8, 2017, 3:45 PM UTC
bernie sanders
bernie sanders

Vermont senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders now has a podcast.

The Bernie Sanders Show, which first appeared as videos on Facebook, is now streaming on iTunes and the senator’s website with three episodes dating back to March 27, 28 and 29. Rev. William Barber, a national board member of the NAACP, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and filmmaker and playwright Josh Fox appear as guests in the first three episodes, respectively. The podcast additionally pledges to bring on “leading activists, journalists, policymakers, artists, visionaries and revolutionaries” as guests, according to its description on iTunes.

“Election days come and go, but political revolutions that attempt to transform our society and our politics never end,” a post on Sanders’ Facebook page reads. The post urges viewers to “stay informed on the political revolution, our focus in the fight for a progressive agenda and how Bernie and others are fighting back against the Trump administration and its efforts divide us up.”

Sanders is in the midst of planning a multi-state Democratic “unity tour” with Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez, according to CNN.