Here’s a Hotline That Tries to Make Insomniacs Sleepy

March 23, 2017, 9:47 PM UTC

Can’t sleep? Mattress maker Casper just launched a good, old-fashioned hotline to help. You might as well try it because A: it’s free, B: it beats tossing and turning, and C: it’s funny.

In one of the most memorable pitches in years, Casper offers callers several recorded options. Press one for ocean sounds or two for wind chimes. Another lets you listen to a conference call planning Casper’s campaign.

My favorite option is No. 3, which lets you “travel back in time to the 1990s.” No spoilers here, but suffice it to say, the chosen audio nails it. You can also enjoy 1990s Family Matters star Jaleel White (that’s Steve Urkel to you) singing a lullaby.

Call 888-890-2040 to listen for yourself. Casper will also promote the hotline on late night TV and other media.

All kidding aside, lack of sleep is serious because of its impact on our overall health and because tired workers are not as productive as their fully rested peers. That hurts not just individual employees but their companies and the economy in general. In November, a study by think tank RAND Europe, found that sleep deprivation costs the world’s economy $411 billion per year.

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Casper sure knows how to make a splash. As Fortune’s Laura Entis reported in December, the company has $70 million in venture funding including a contribution from celebrity investor/Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

And it’s willing to spend it. Aside from the usual podcast and TV ads, it’s also sponsored a traveling “napmobile.” And it promoted a dog bed with a steak dinner for 15 canine “influencers.”

For more on good sleep habits watch :

I’m not sure how many mattresses all this will sell, but it is a good way to build good will. Anyway, enough from me: Dial away.

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