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This Memphis Funeral Home Will Soon Offer Drive-thru Service

A picture of a coffinA picture of a coffin
A picture of a coffinK Zenon—Getty Images/iStockphoto

A Memphis funeral home is now offering a drive-thru visitation service, where guests have three-minutes to view the body from the convenience of their car.

Ryan Bernard, the owner of R. Bernard Funeral Services, is behind the eccentric spin on the traditional wake, USA Today reports. Bernard was looking for something “unique to make me stand apart” from the other funeral homes in the area.

Bernard explained that the service, which has been offered since January, usually lasts an hour. An employee first greets guests in a driveway, where they will collect condolence cards or gifts for the family. The employee will also have an iPad with them to serve as an electronic guestbook.

After checking-in, the visitors can drive to a gated area to pay their last respects. Each car gets around three minutes with the body, which is housed behind a bulletproof glass window, according to USA Today.

This is not the first funeral home to offer such a service: drive-thru funeral homes can also be found in California and Michigan.