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This New Fat-Loss Breathalyzer Is Now on Sale

March 6, 2017, 5:55 PM UTC

There’s a new breathalyzer on store shelves—and this one will help users lose weight.

A company named Levl has released a breathalyzer-like device called the LEVLhome, which analyzes a person’s breath to determine if the person’s body is adequately burning fat. Fitness regimens and diets are then tailored to the user based on the LEVLhome’s findings to improve his or her metabolism and more efficiently burn fat and lose weight.

When users blow into the LEVLhome, which was earlier discovered by tech news site The Verge, its built-in nanosensor measures parts per million of acetone concentration in their breath. According to the company, acetone is a leading indicator of fat burning. The more acetone in a person’s breath, the more fat he or she is burning.

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LEVLhome will ostensibly be used as a way to determine whether certain changes in a wellness plan is working. So for instance, the breathalyzer can analyze whether running or swimming is ultimately doing a better job of burning fat. The same determinations can be made with different diets. Using that data, a user could then find the best scenario for him or her based on the body’s responses to the particular wellness plan.

While LEVL plans to target consumers with its breathalyzer, it’s also partnered with the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) as part of a broader initiative to partner with fitness professionals. The company wants athletic clubs and trainers to use its breathalyzer’s data as another tool in devising wellness plans. A user’s data is available through a mobile app available on the iPhone.

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“WAC nutritionists and personal trainers are able to track clients and accurately make decisions about their clients’ nutrition and fitness plans,” LEVL said in a statement. The company added that the data it produces will show “biomarker insights” to help users more efficiently burn fat.

But actually getting a wellness breathalyzer won’t be cheap (or easy at the onset). LEVLhome costs $699 and comes with a $49-per-month carrying fee for sensor refills and calibration gas that keeps it operating. For now, it’s available at select retailers in Seattle, but will be rolling out across the U.S. later this year.