This Google and H&M App Will Track Your Phone Data to Create a Custom Dress

February 8, 2017, 3:22 PM UTC
Courtesy of Ivyrevel

When you think Google, you probably don’t think high fashion. That’s about to change.

In honor of New York Fashion Week, the tech giant announced a partnership with Swedish retailer H&M to solve a problem we face every day—figuring out what to wear.

Ivyrevel, a fashion house backed by H&M Group, is testing an app that will use a week’s worth of smartphone data to create an ultra-personalized dress. The app will monitor a user’s lifestyle and collect data on activities such as which restaurants she frequents and where she hangs out after work.

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“Are they more casual or formal meet-ups? What’s the usual weather when you’re outside,” writes Google’s creative business partner Jeremy Brook in a blog post.

That data is then run through an algorithm and the application designs a customized, one-of-a-kind dress the user can then purchase. The “data dress” app is currently being tested by several fashion influencers, but will be available to the public later this year. It’s unclear how much the dress will cost.

“My name is Kenza, and this dress was designed by my phone,” says Ivyrevel co-founder Kenza Zouiten in the video below. “Finding something unique to wear is difficult. It can be expensive or take a lot of time.”

This blend of technology and fashion is a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular at New York Fashion Week. Last year, we saw 3-D printing technology for emerging designers and sound-activated light-up shirts. Time will tell if the “data dress” will catch on with the mainstream market.