Super Bowl Ads on Spanish-Language Networks Are a Fraction of the Cost, Despite Viewership

February 5, 2017, 8:10 PM UTC
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Though the Super Bowl has seen a rise in Latinx viewership in recent years, the cost of airing an ad on a Spanish-language network is still significantly less than one on an English-language network.

According to Forbes, a 30 second Super Bowl spot is going for as much as $5,000,000 on Fox, where as advertisers will pay a mere $250,000 for the same length spot on Fox Deportes, Fox’s Spanish-language network that is airing the game this year.

But despite the cost disparity, both advertisers and networks are hoping to see long-term results, Forbes reports. For example, before this year, Fox Deportes had its own sales force that focused solely on Hispanic television. But thanks to an increase in Latino viewership, the Fox sales group has taken over the role—meaning that this year, “Super Bowl spots were sold as a package for both networks,” Carlos Sánchez, EVP and general manager for Fox Deportes first told Forbes.

“This has been a huge advantage for us,” he said.

Overall, about 85% of the ads on Fox Deportes will be the same as the English side, and in “most cases, they’ll be the exact same spots that you see in English, and you’ll see those same English spots on our air,” Sánchez said, according to Forbes. Since about 70% of the Fox Deportes audience is bilingual, the English-language should be well-received, Forbes reports. However, 15% of the ads will still be Spanish-language specific.

Though Fox Deportes declined to release a list of its advertisers prior to the Super Bowl, Bud Light is one of the main advertisers that has confirmed a Spanish-language TV buy, Forbes reports. To watch that ad, click here.