Women’s March on Washington Protesters Got a Mid-flight Surprise on Southwest

January 21, 2017, 6:11 PM UTC
Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 31: Southwest Airlines passenger aircraft parked at their gates at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 31, 2016. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)
Robert Alexander Getty Images

A Southwest flight full of people on their way to Washington, D.C.—many of which were heading to participate in Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington—were treated to a special in-flight lightshow on Thursday night.

At some point along the trip, the regular cabin lights were turned off and the entire plane was basked in a neon pink glow.

According to Twitter and Instagram users, the plane erupted into a cheer when the lights changed.

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The airline announced that this was not a company-wide initiative, but a decision made by the individual flight crew.

“While we’re unaware of details surrounding a specific flight, our flight crews celebrate, commemorate, acknowledge and share in special moments with our customers all the time,” a Southwest representative said in a statement. “Some of our aircraft are equipped with mood lighting and while this was not a company-wide initiative, at times, our flight crews will adjust the lighting for a customer or group of customers traveling on their flight. For example, in October, one of our flight crews changed the lighting to honor a breast cancer survivor onboard their flight.”

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