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Kellyanne Conway Calls $3,600 Inauguration Dress ‘Trump Revolutionary Wear’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived wearing white to Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday to honor suffragettes, but Kellyanne Conway wore red, white, and blue, to launch a revolution.

Conway, White House counselor and Trump’s campaign manager, showed up at the Capitol before the swearing-in ceremony wearing a dress that resembled a cowgirl outfit, which she immediately dubbed “Trump revolutionary wear” during an interview with NBC News.

Conway said the Trump inauguration and the Trump Administration would have “something for everyone.”

Ironically, few women could actually afford Conway’s woolen Gucci coat-dress, which has panels of white framed by sleeves of blue, and a red collar, and costs $3,600.

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Conway said in the interview that the new administration would soon deal with issues including tax reform, rolling back regulations, creating jobs and wealth, and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

On Thursday evening, Trump paid tribute to Conway at a donors’ dinner saying, “there is no den she will not go into,” referring to her TV network news appearances. “She just destroys them,” Trump said.

The inauguration coincides with Conway’s 50th birthday.