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Here Are President Obama’s Final Words Leaving the Oval Office

US President Barack Obama walks through the colonnade as he departs the Oval Office for the last time as president.JIM WATSON AFP/Getty Images

As President-elect Donald Trump left St. John’s Church for the White House early Friday, President Barack Obama finished penning his letter to the incoming commander-in-chief, and left the Oval Office for the final time.

“How you holding up?” He asked the group of journalists waiting outside as he walked out alone. When he was answered in the affirmative, Obama continued: “That’s good.”

“You feeling nostalgic?” a journalist asked.

“Of course,” Obama said.

“Any final words for the American people?” asked another reporter.

“Thank you,” the president replied after a pause. The phrase was also the title of Obama’s parting letter from the White House, published Thursday.

That letter ended with “Yes, we can.

The Obamas met with the Trumps at the White House shortly afterward.