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A Video Store That Only Carries Copies of ‘Jerry Maguire’ Opens in Los Angeles

Tom Cruise In 'Jerry Maguire'Tom Cruise In 'Jerry Maguire'
Tom Cruise talks on a phone in a scene from the film 'Jerry Maguire', 1996. Columbia TriStar/Getty Images

A new video store in Los Angeles is filled with approximately 14,000 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire — and nothing else.

The store opened on Jan. 13 as part of a new project from the art collective Everything Is Terrible!.

Fans of 1996 Cameron Crowe movie starring Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger can view the collection of tapes at the im8bit Gallery in LA until Jan. 29, according to the event’s Facebook page. The project aims to recreate the feel of a video rental store from the 1990s, but only with copies of Jerry Maguire.

Everything Is Terrible! has collected the tapes through fan donations with the eventual goal of building a pyramid in the desert “where all the world’s Jerry’s will live until the end of time,” the collective announced on its website for the project,

“Seeing thousands of Jerrys finally reunited will forever destroy the viewers’ previous perception of culture, waste, and existence as a whole,” the project creators wrote. “The Jerrys are a beautiful thing.”

The tapes are not available for rent or purchase.