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Here’s a New Trio of Starbucks Drinks You Can Ring In the New Year With

Starbucks' new Tuxedo Mocha beverage, released Dec 26, 2016 Kathryn Barnard Photography—Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved.

As a last hurrah for 2016, Starbucks (SBUX) rolled out a trio of limited edition drinks on Monday. Its website describes the beverages, which are available though Jan. 1, as a “celebratory” collection.

The Tuxedo Beverage Collection, appropriately, features three black and white drinks. There’s a Tuxedo Mocha concoction, a Tuxedo Hot Chocolate, and a Frappuccino version. Each, according to Starbucks, contains “silky swirls of dark and white chocolaty goodness.”

For more on Starbucks menus, watch Fortune’s video:

The collection is available at selected stores across the U.S. and Canada and the 12 oz. version of the Tuxedo Mocha or Frappuccino will set you back between $4.25 and $4.45 each, depending on the store, Mashable reports. A 12 oz. Tuxedo Hot Chocolate costs around $3.25 – $3.45.