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The Most Important Quality for a Leader to Exhibit

Jed Hughes of Korn FerryJed Hughes of Korn Ferry
Jed Hughes of Korn FerryCourtesy of DGital Media

The latest episode of our Fortune Unfiltered podcast features an interview with Jed Hughes, vice chairman and global sector leader for sports at executive search firm Korn Ferry.

Before joining Korn Ferry, Hughes once served as a linebacker coach under University of Michigan’s Bo Schembechler. He also received a PhD from the institution.

In his current role, he says it’s important to recognize and practice self awareness. He claims it is the most important quality for not only executives, but also any individual in general.

In addition to self awareness, Hughes notes how your chosen attitude towards a situation is the ultimate thing deciding how you will respond to it. So it’s best to choose that attitude wisely.

Hear the full interview below:

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