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Donald Trump Is Reviewing the State Department’s Gender Equality Programs

December 23, 2016, 4:32 PM UTC
Donald Trump Holds Press Conference To Announce His Tax Plan
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 28: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a speech outlining his vision for tax reform at his skyscraper on Fifth Avenue on September 28, 2015 in New York City. Under the plan there would be four tax categories, with people earning less than $25,000 per year paying 0% tax. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Photograph by Andrew Burton—Getty Images

Donald Trump wants to know what the White House has done for women.

In an emailed statement to Fortune, a spokesperson for the president-elect’s transition team said it “inquired about existing programs at the State department that helps foster gender equality, ends gender-based violence, and promotes economic and political participation” for the purpose of “finding ways to improve them, along with hundreds of other requests.”

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The Washington Post reported Thursday that the team instructed the State Department to turn over all information Wednesday about “gender-related staffing, programming, and funding.” The Post pointed out two possible motivations for the transition team wanting this kind of information: 1) a renewed focus on gender equality in the White House or 2) a desire to cut down on such initiatives.

Trump’s transition team said that the future commander-in-chief “will ensure the rights of women across the world are valued and protected.”

This promise seems at odds with at least some of Trump’s statements throughout his campaign, particularly pertaining to a woman’s right to choose.


During the final presidential debate, Trump, who describes himself as “very pro-life,” promised to nominate Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 reproductive rights decision that protects a woman’s right to end her pregnancy. In March, Trump insinuated that women who receive abortions illegally should be punished.

Trump has also promised to sign the Hyde Amendment into permanent law. The amendment bars the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion, except in order to save the life of the mother or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape.