It’s Actually Not That Hard to Find a Mentor

December 21, 2016, 9:50 PM UTC

It may seem impossible, but connecting with someone who can advise you as you build a business or grow your career isn’t really all that hard.

Chance Barnett, co-founder and CEO of equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder, says he’s found that emailing a thought leader a “direct, earnest question” has been a useful approach — after all, these people tend to thrive on teaching and helping others.

“I’ve actually been lucky enough to connect with some amazing entrepreneurs and mentors that way,” he says.

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Another approach is to look at the companies doing business in your local area and see if someone there might be interested in becoming an adviser to you. Barnett says to be direct in your ask: “It seems like you’re an expert in this field. I’m really looking to up my game. Would you be willing to advise me?”

There’s a catch to all of this,though: you need to have something to offer in return.

Check out the video above for Barnett’s advice on how to successfully snag a trusted adviser.