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Nintendo Will Give You up to $20,000 If You Can Find Flaws in Its 3DS

Nintendo logoKazuhiro Nogi—AFP/Getty Images

Nintendo is offering a $100 to $20,000 reward to players who can point out issues with its 3DS.

The gaming giant launched a bug bounty program through HackerOne program for customers to identify potential security issues with the 3DS console so that the company can plug those holes. Nintendo wants to prevent game piracy, cheating, and the dissemination of inappropriate content to children.

“Nintendo’s goal is to provide a secure environment for our customers so that they can enjoy our games and services,” the HackerOne website read. “In order to achieve this goal, Nintendo is interested in receiving vulnerability information that researchers may discover regarding Nintendo’s platforms.”


Increasingly, big companies have been offering bounties to users and hackers who can find flaws with their products. That includes Apple, Fiat Chrysler, and Uber.