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5 Tech Gadgets That Help Me Manage My Life

Businessman runningBusinessman running

As a CEO with operations that span across 12 time zones and a travel schedule that takes me across the globe each month, I rely heavily on technology to stay connected.

Whether I’m in a meeting with our capital partner in Los Angeles or fastening my seatbelt for takeoff on a transatlantic flight, these are my five essentials:

1. DOMO. If you are CEO who travels often for business, you know that one of the biggest challenges is being continually connected to the latest financial reports. Instead of waiting for 15-megabyte financial files to download on my phone, I’ve been using DOMO. It’s a user-friendly platform that provides a current graphic overview of our business that I can log into from any device.I can scan financial reports from the 15 properties we operate or find out what’s happening at our headquarters — all in real time. Since discovering this tool, I’ve downloaded DOMO to all my devices and the way I examine monthly financial performance has been forever changed.

2. Garmin Forerunner 735XT. My father recently gifted me a new Garmin watch, since he understands how my daily runs are an important part of keeping me balanced. Garmin’s recently improved navigation system helps me chart the perfect course to ensure I stick to the exact distance I want to run — even if I’m unfamiliar with the area. The watch also stores all my recent (and even live) performance reports for when I have the time to check in on my health activity.

3. Apple’s MacBook Air: At just about 2.5 pounds, this ultra-thin computer makes some of the worst parts of frequent travel (such as airport security) extremely smooth. Since I tend to bring my own device to my meetings, this computer has many business advantages, including mobility, reliable endurance and security. With its high storage and amazing 14-hour battery life that last through the longest business flights (and meetings), I’ve recently completely converted to using the Air as my main computer in and out of the office. With rumors of a new MacBook Air soon to be released, this may be the right time to make the investment.

4. Mophie. There is nothing worse than missing an important call or cutting your phone time short due to insufficient battery life. I’ve discovered that Mophie, the gadget that gives hours and hours of extra power and storage, has just launched Hold Force. Hold Force is a magnetic case system that includes an additional mini battery and credit card/identification holder. You can’t always guarantee there will be an available wall plug at that airport gate, and a battery going dead mid-flight is just bad for business, so Mophie has turned into one of my most reliable gadgets. Trust me, I’ve tried and tested them all.

5. ESPN Mobile. Finally, what football loving CEO doesn’t need a tool to watch games when overseas or keep up with stats on the go? As a dedicated Florida State football fan, the new ESPN app that replaced SportsCenter, gives me an easy way to tailor games and stats without even having to unlock my phone for instant updates. Out of all the work on my plate, keeping up with the team can seem like a job in and of itself.

– Greg Spencer is the CEO of Timbers Resorts