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You Can Now Replace a Picture of Donald Trump with a Cheeseburger

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The extension is called "Make Trump Burger Again"Photo by Cate Gillon — Getty Images

If you’re still looking for a good laugh after the election, Google’s new Cheeseburger extension is it.

On Google Chrome, users can download the “Make Trump Burger Again” extension to replace almost any picture of the president-elect with a burger. Daragh Kan, the co-founder of an Australian burger chain called Mr. Burger, created the extension.

The inspiration for the extension, Kan first told Mashable, comes from wanting to “brighten people’s days, and after Trump’s win we thought we’d create something small to make the internet fun again.”

However, the extension isn’t foolproof: To work properly, the image must have the word “Trump” in its alternative text, notes Mashable.


However, if users would prefer to remove the president-elect from their Internet browsing altogether, there are Chrome extensions for that, too. Technologist Rob Spectre created “Trump Filter” to completely eliminate Trump, or minimize how often Trump-related content is seen based on the user’s preference, from any webpage the extension-user is visiting. Similarly, there’s “Trump Blocker“: A Trump filter that not only removes Donald Trump from webpages, but it also filters and removes Trump from Facebook and YouTube.