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Read the Letter J.P Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon Just Sent Employees on Trump Win

Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Addresses The Economic Club Of WashingtonChase CEO Jamie Dimon Addresses The Economic Club Of Washington
Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan ChasePhotograph by Win McNamee—Getty Images

Jamie Dimon isn’t moving to Canada.

Donald Trump won the presidential election on Tuesday night. And a lot of CEOs of large companies are surely answering questions from employees and investors on what it means. So far the worst predictions of what the stock market might do after a Trump win haven’t come true. And that’s good news for the banks. Shares of J.P. Morgan Chase were up slightly more than 5% on Wednesday. The CEO of the nation’s largest bank says he’s still “optimistic.” Here’s the complete letter than Dimon just sent out to the employees:

Message from Jamie Dimon

Dear colleagues,

We are going through a period of profound political and economic change around the world, and American citizens showed that deep desire for change in voting to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. We have heard through democratic processes in both Europe and the United States the frustration that so many people have with the lack of economic opportunity and the challenges they face. We need to listen to those voices.

We have just been through one of the most contentious elections in memory, which can make it even harder to put our differences aside. But that makes it more important than ever to bind the wounds of our nation and to bring together Americans from all walks of life. Recognizing that our diversity is a core strength of our nation, we must all come together as fellow patriots to solve our most serious challenges.

Leaders from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors need to collaborate to find meaningful solutions that create economic growth and greater opportunity for all.

America is best when we come together with clear leadership, expertise and the political will to take on difficult challenges and get things done. No one should ever doubt the strength and resilience of our country and our democracy.

J.P. Morgan Chase has a proud history of supporting our communities and our countries. Through your outstanding efforts, we have built a great company that will continue to thrive – as we continue to focus on helping to serve our clients and communities. We will also continue to help address the important public policy issues of the day and the underlying economic challenges throughout the world.

I’m optimistic about America’s future and the role our company will continue to play as we help the nation address our challenges and move forward together. Jamie