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Watch a Longtime Married Couple Split on Election Adorably Bicker While Waiting to Vote

A longtime married couple in Pennsylvania was captured on national television Tuesday adorably bickering about their choice for president while waiting in line to vote.

Jackie Krachala was set to cast her ballot for Donald Trump, while her husband, Bill Krachala, was ready to vote for Hillary Clinton when a CNN correspondent interviewed the two about their split decision.

“Get in close to each other,” CNN’s Miguel Marquez said to Bill.

“No, I can’t,” Bill says with a laugh. “We’re nullifying each other’s votes.”

Jackie, who told CNN she is not excited about the first female candidate, maintains that Trump is a “strong” candidate and “the best there is right now.” Her husband thinks Clinton is the better choice because of her experience.

When asked if they fight, Jackie says “yes.” And when asked if they get along, she said “no.”

“Do you guys actually love each other?” Marquez asked the couple, who has been married for 37 years.

“Oh, yeah,” Jackie and Bill both respond.