Fortune Has a New Logo. Here’s Why We Redesigned It.

October 20, 2016, 10:00 AM UTC

For the tenth time in its 86-year history, Fortune has an all-new logo.

Starting today, you’ll see it reflected on this website, in our growing family of newsletters, and in the forthcoming issue of the (completely redesigned) magazine, dated Nov. 1, 2016, which will arrive on newsstands on Monday.

Why would we change the look of such an iconic brand? To reflect our working thesis, which we outlined in November, that every aspect of business is about to change, creating what we call the “21st Century Corporation.” Months in the making, the goal of our redesign is to create a visual representation of this new entity.

We used Fortune’s modernist heritage as a starting point. My talented team of art directors—Peter Herbert, Josue Evilla, and Michael Solita—worked with editor Alan Murray and deputy editor Clifton Leaf to pair this aesthetic with a strong, graphic, forward-leaning look. The result? A design that is clean, modern, approachable, and clutter-free.


You’ll see the first complete representation of our new aesthetic in the November issue of the magazine. Its design emphasizes a quick, serviceable “front of book” that is full of digestible data, news, and takeaways. For the “feature well,” as we call it, we created a clean canvas to deliver strong, long-form stories—a Fortune signature since our first issue in 1930.

But the new logo says it all. We reached back into Fortune’s extensive archives to recreate a modern sanserif design that further emphasizes a clean, bold and contemporary design. (Click here to learn how the new design fits into the context of Fortune’s history.) You’ll find it used in conjunction with a subdued color palette and a well-defined grid—not to mention impactful photography and illustration and the deeply reported business stories that Fortune is known for.

It’s a new era, and we can’t wait to get started.

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